Jury reaches a verdict in Buffalo clinic shooting trial, Ulrich guilty on all 11 counts

The jury reached a verdict Thursday evening in the trial of Gregory Ulrich, who is charged in a deadly shooting at Allina Health Clinic in Buffalo last year.

The jury returned the following verdict on charges filed as part of the original and amended complaints:

  • GUILTY – COUNT 1 First-degree murder, premeditated
  • GUILTY – COUNT 2 – First-degree attempted murder, premeditated
  • GUILTY – COUNT 3 – First-degree attempted murder, premeditated
  • GUILTY – COUNT 4 – First-degree attempted murder, premeditated
  • GUILTY – COUNT 5 – First-degree attempted murder, premeditated
  • GUILTY – COUNT 6 – Causing the discharge of an explosive/incendiary device, with gross disregard for human life or property
  • GUILTY – COUNT 7 – Second-degree murder, without intent while committing a felony
  • GUILTY – COUNT 8 – First-degree assault, inflicting great bodily harm
  • GUILTY – COUNT 9 – First-degree assault, inflicting great bodily harm
  • GUILTY – COUNT 10 – First-degree assault, inflicting great bodily harm
  • GUILTY – COUNT 11 – Second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon

Ulrich was accused of walking into the Allina Health Clinic in February 2021 and opening fire, killing Lindsay Overbay — a medical assistant working there at the time — and injuring four others.

Speaking after the verdict was announced, Wright County Attorney Brian Lutes told reporters, “All of these nurses were innocent, defenseless victims who didn’t deserve to be attacked by the defendant.”

Lutes said his office didn’t offer Ulrich a plea deal, saying the only result he wanted to see was life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

“He was trying to kill more people. People by effectively sheltering in place, they prevented this from being [a] worse tragedy,” Lutes stated. “You can’t imagine the terror that these people experienced because of what the defendant did. Again, innocent, helpless workers who went to work that day who were just traumatized and still are because of the acts of Gregory Ulrich in this, this awful attack.”

Sentencing is scheduled for June 17 at 1:30 p.m.

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Gregory Ulrich testified Thursday that he originally went to the clinic to cause property damage, saying the gun was to shoot windows and bombs were to cause damage to expensive equipment. But he then said the situation changed once he arrived.

When asked by a defense attorney whether he intended to kill people at the clinic, Ulrich responded, “No.”

Judge Catherine McPherson presided over the trial. Public defense attorneys Gregory Davis and Virginia Murphrey represented Ulrich. Attorneys Brian Lutes and Shane Simonds argued for the state.

One week after jury selection began, opening statements were made in the trial.

Prosecutors presented their arguments, then rested their case a week after opening statements. The defense rested its case a day later.

As previously reported, court records allege Ulrich has mental health and substance abuse problems, and show that he previously had run-ins with police.

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He was found competent to stand trial following an evaluation.

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Following the verdict, Allina Health Clinic released this statement:

We are grateful the jurors delivered justice for our Allina Health Buffalo Crossroads team members, who were senselessly attacked on February 9, 2021. The tragedy took Lindsay Overbay from her family, resulted in the injury of four of our team members and deeply affected our Buffalo Crossroads team.

Our resilient team members have shown bravery and courage, while experiencing deep grief and trauma as they navigated Gregory Ulrich’s criminal trial over the last few weeks.

We are grateful for the steadfast commitment shown by the Wright County Prosecutors and our law enforcement partners.

We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support felt from our Buffalo community, our health care colleagues and communities throughout the state. Each heartfelt social media post, prayer and gesture of support has been deeply appreciated by our team.

On behalf of the Allina Health family, our sincere gratitude for standing with us in the aftermath of the senseless attack on our team and our clinic, as we reopened our clinic doors to continue caring for the community we love and for your support today.

Allina Health Clinic