Walz: Rebate checks of up to $1,300 will start going out to Minnesota households this week

Gov. Walz announces timeline for rebate checks

Gov. Walz announces timeline for rebate checks

Tax rebate checks will start going out to Minnesota taxpayers as early as this week, according to Gov. Tim Walz.

On Wednesday, the governor announced that the payments of up to $1,300 per household — $260 for individual filers or $520 for married couples, along with another $260 apiece for up to three dependents — are starting to be sent out.

“As Minnesotans plan for back-to-school, we know that the excitement families are feeling is mixed with the stress that comes with buying books, backpacks, and clothes,” Walz said. “We’re going to help with that – both with payments of up to $1,300 per family and universal free breakfast and lunch. I am grateful for the Department of Revenue’s work to deliver these payments to Minnesotans as soon as possible.”

It’s a cash windfall that many across the state have been anticipating since the Minnesota Department of Management and Budget projected a $9.2 billion budget surplus in February 2022. Walz pitched $1,000 rebates for individual filers and $2,000 for married couples but faced headwinds from Republican lawmakers, who accused him of trying to buy votes in an election year.

In December, the projected budget surplus ballooned to $17.6 billion, a number that held steady as the 2023 legislative session got underway.

Walz renewed his $1,000 proposal this spring, but in the end, lawmakers opted to pare the rebate checks down to $260 in favor of one-time spending in other areas, such as $1 billion in cash for infrastructure projects and paying off U.S. Bank Stadium 23 years early.

State Republican leaders on Wednesday criticized the governor for the smaller rebate checks.

“People dislike politicians because they think they will say anything to get elected—and that’s exactly what Governor Walz did with returning the surplus,” House Minority Leader Lisa Demuth said. “During the election, Governor Walz repeatedly promised Minnesotans $2,000 rebate checks. Then Democrats took full control and decided they’d rather spend the record $17.5 billion surplus themselves than return it back to Minnesotans. Now, only a select few Minnesotans will be getting a paltry $260—hardly what they were promised by the Governor.”

“Governor Walz holding a press conference to celebrate his own broken promise is a slap in the face to Minnesotans,” Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson added. “Walz and Minnesota Democrats campaigned on significant tax relief for Minnesotans, including a $2,000 refund check, but when the election passed, the refund promises were forgotten. In their place Democrats increased the size of government by 40% and raised taxes by nearly $10 billion. Minnesotans will be paying more for gas, cars, licenses and tabs, deliveries, shopping in the metro, and they will see more taken out of their paycheck. The discussion of today’s small refund simply pales in comparison to the higher tax burden Minnesotans will face in the years to come.”

More than 2 million households will receive payments, starting with those with direct deposit on file with the state. Paper checks will go out next, and all rebates are expected to be delivered by the end of September, according to the governor’s office.

Individuals who reported $75,000 or less in gross adjusted income on their 2021 tax returns or married couples who made $150,000 or less that year qualify for the payments.

Full eligibility requirements and more information on how to receive the tax rebate is available on the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s website.

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