At Issue — June 30: Presidential debate, early voting, flooding relief

At Issue: June 30

At Issue: June 30

This week on At Issue, Tom Hauser breaks down the presidential debate, potential federal aid for areas impacted by flooding and spoke with Secretary of State Steve Simon about early voting.

Hauser first broke down highlights of the presidential debate on Thursday.

Minnesota could also get federal aid after flooding has hit much of the state. On Saturday, 22 counties in the state were approved for a Federal Disaster Declaration by the Federal Emergency Agency (FEMA).

U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger on Wednesday announced charges against five for a scheme to bribe a juror in the Feeding Our Future jury trial.

President Joe Biden’s student loan repayment plan has been halted after being rejected by courts in Kansas and Missouri.

Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Janet Yellen visited Minneapolis this week, touting grant money for affordable housing across the country. Met Council was awarded $4 million in grants.

Hauser sat down with Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon to discuss early voting.

New laws impacting fees on retail deliveries, criminalizing the use of deep fake technology to influence elections and more will take effect on Monday.

Hauser later sat down with Jeff Hayden, former DFL state senator, and Andy Brehm, Republican strategist, to further break down Thursday’s presidential debate.