Bodycam video shows law enforcement taking Apple River stabbing suspect into custody

Bodycam video shows law enforcement taking Apple River stabbing suspect into custody

Bodycam video shows law enforcement taking Apple River stabbing suspect into custody

The trial of the man accused in a deadly stabbing on a Wisconsin river in July 2022 moved into its fourth day on Thursday.

St. Croix County prosecutors showed the jury body camera videos of law enforcement taking 52-year-old Nicolae Miu into custody at an exit from the Apple River in Somerset, Wis.

Miu, from Prior Lake, is facing homicide, four counts of attempted homicide and battery charges stemming from the incident, which killed 17-year-old Isaac Schuman and hurt four others on July 30, 2022.

A witness recorded a cellphone video of part of the deadly encounter. Prosecutors said a witness shared a screen grab from the video and gave it to police to help find the suspect.

Police body camera video showed law enforcement officers finding Miu wearing a hat, sunglasses, and shirt downstream from the scene of the encounter, by the exit to the river, where tubers get out.

Deputy Benjamin Trebian from the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office told the jury about Miu’s facial expression when he was handcuffed.

“…Kind of in a trance, didn’t say anything,” Deputy Trebian said. Miu’s lawyer Aaron Nelson asked the deputy if that “victims of violent crime” could express similar facial mannerisms.

The deputy replied, “Potentially, yes.”

In a different body camera video played in court, you could hear a conversation with Miu and Sheriff Scott Knudson.

Miu: “I hear somebody got stabbed, and I fit the description.”
Sheriff: “Yes, you do.”
Miu: “Alright.”
Sheriff: “We are working through that now.”

Prosecutors say Miu pulled a knife from his pocket and lashed out at a group of teens and adults who were tubing on the river following a confrontation. Miu and his attorneys say he was just looking for a cellphone lost in the water and the group of tubers attacked him, forcing him to defend himself.

The jury heard from Andrea Baldazo, a nurse who was tubing on the river with her family.

Baldazo fought off tears during her testimony Thursday, describing trying to save Schuman, along with others doing CPR.

“It felt like forever, that we did compressions, I kept asking, where is the rig (ambulance), why isn’t it here yet,” Baldazo said.

Prosecutors say Miu stabbed Schuman, a high school senior from Stillwater, in the chest.

The morning started at the St. Croix County Courthouse with Janelle Duxbury taking the stand. She testified that she was tubing with a group of friends, who stopped after seeing a group of teens and Miu in the river.

“There was a very clear confrontation between the group of children and Nicolae, so at least to divide the conflict was at least my idea,” Duxbury said.

Prosecutors said they could wrap their case by Monday or Tuesday.

The trial’s expected to last into late next week.

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