Trial for Apple River stabbing suspect continues into second day

Day 2 of Nicolae Miu murder trial

Day 2 of Nicolae Miu murder trial

The trial for a Minnesota man accused of stabbing several people on Wisconsin’s Apple River and killing a 17-year-old continued on Tuesday.

Nicolae Miu, 54, of Prior Lake, faces six charges, including homicide, attempted homicide and battery. Miu pleaded not guilty in September of 2022.

Jury selection began Monday morning and ended around noon before opening statements and testimony began Monday afternoon.

Tuesday’s court proceedings began at 8 a.m. in St. Croix County.

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Prosecutors allege that in July of 2022, Miu got into a confrontation with a group of people who were tubing on the river at the time. Four adults in that group were injured and a 17-year-old, identified as Isaac Schuman, died from his injuries.

Family members identified Schuman, 17, of Stillwater, as the boy who was fatally stabbed during a rampage Saturday, July 30, 2022, on the Apple River in Somerset, Wisconsin. (Family photo)

Court papers show when Miu first spoke with investigators, he told police he had a snorkel and was looking for a cell phone that went in the river, telling police a group attacked him and put him in “self-defense mode.”

Prosecutors say Miu pulled a knife from his pocket and lashed out at a group during a confrontation. Investigators allege Miu was bothering a group of teenagers on their tubes when court papers say another group on tubes stopped to help out.

2nd day of trial for Apple River stabbing suspect

2nd day of trial for Apple River stabbing suspect

Alex Vang, a friend of Schuman’s, told the jury they had been yelling at Miu following a comment they heard him make.

“I was concerned for my safety, I didn’t know what his intentions were running up on our tubes,” Vang said.

Prosecutors showed the jury a video of the encounter that shows Miu holding a knife in his hand when two women approached him. Witnesses say Miu then punched or slapped a woman who was in the group confronting him, and then Miu was punched by a man and fell in the river.

Dante Carlson, the man who had punched Miu, testified that he had been stabbed in the ribs.

“I was just looking at Nic, he was standing maybe 6 feet in front of me… he just walked toward me and stabbed me,” Carlson said.

Alina Hernandez, Schuman’s mother, told the jury about when she found out her son had been stabbed.

“I saw Isaac’s hair…laying on the river bank; I knew it was him; they were trying to perform CPR on him. I ran to Isaac,” she said.

Miu’s attorney’s told the jury that he was trying to protect himself during the encounter, saying the confrontation was 13 on one and that Miu’s actions were in self-defense.

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