MDH gives update on water contaminant plan

Update on water contaminant plan to be given on Tuesday

The MDH is expected to give an update early Tuesday afternoon.

Leaders at the Minnesota Department of Health on Tuesday announced their timeline for creating and enacting the state’s drinking water action plan.

The goal of the 10-year plan is to make sure everyone in the state has access to safe drinking water. It follows requests by lawmakers for MDH to address aging infrastructure, which can be a source of contamination.

Officials are also concerned about the rising number of contaminants like PFAS and nitrates, which can have serious health impacts.

MDH’s draft goals for the 10-year plan include protecting sources of drinking water, establishing resilient drinking water infrastructure, ensuring safe tap water and anticipating and managing emerging risks.

Earlier this year, the state said levels of so-called forever chemicals exceeded new federal limits in water bodies located in more than a dozen cities. While 22 systems were initially reported to have elevated levels, the state reported that figured had dropped to 18 by late May.

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Much of the contamination has been linked to 3M, which is now paying out billions of dollars in the east metro to help clean it up. Data shows some of those chemicals will be on the move in the coming decades.

According to the CDC, exposure to PFAS is linked to health conditions such as cancer if they are consumed daily for years.

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As previously reported by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, anyone looking for a solution can use a home filter system.

MDH officials plan to hold public comment sessions this fall on their proposals, with a finalized action plan completed by the end of the year.


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