Daunte Wright’s family finds some sense of closure after picking up belongings from police

Picking up Daunte Wright’s belongings

Picking up Daunte Wright's belongings

Aubrey and Katie Wright were joined by friends and family inside the Brooklyn Center Police Department Wednesday afternoon to pick up a box.

Their son, Daunte Wright, was fatally shot by now-former Brooklyn Center police officer Kimberly Potter during a traffic stop back in April 2021.

“I feel like somebody punched me in the chest, my stomach hurts, anxious,” Katie Wright, Daunte’s mother, said as she waited for her son’s personal items to be returned from that deadly day. “Getting his stuff is really important, almost like a closure.”

Loved ones came with the family to provide support.

The family also invited 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS along with them as they retrieved the items at the police station.

Body camera video captured Potter yelling, “Taser! Taser! Taser!” before instead firing her gun, fatally striking the 20-year-old Wright.

Potter was convicted of manslaughter by a Hennepin County jury.

Earlier this year, Potter was released from state prison in Shakopee after serving time behind bars. In the days since the trial, Katie Wright says the pain remains from losing her son.

“It’s hell, it’s living a dream and a nightmare every single day, having to wake up and go to bed with a whole part of your life missing,” she said.

Last week, the family said they learned they could pick up their son’s belongings, including the clothes he was wearing on that deadly day, that had been used as part of evidence in the criminal case. Tears filled Katie Wright’s eyes as she unwrapped her son’s clothing from an evidence bag.

“Being able to hold his jacket and shirt, it helped, but it’s hard,” Wright said.

The city of Brooklyn Center continues to work on a Daunte Wright memorial that’s expected to be finished by the fall at the site where he was shot.