Vikings safety Cam Bynum discusses efforts to secure U.S. visa for wife

Vikings’ Cam Bynum asks for help getting visa for wife

Vikings' Cam Bynum asks for help getting visa for wife

After two interceptions on “Monday Night Football” helped the Vikings upset San Franciso and earned him NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors, safety Camryn Bynum made a plea for help during a postgame network TV interview.

He mentioned an ongoing effort to secure a visa so his wife, Lalaine, might be permitted to depart her native Philippines and join him in the United States.

The publicity put the wheels in motion to try to get a spousal visa for Lalaine. The two married in March.

“I miss her like crazy,” Bynum said Wednesday. “It never gets easy. We know God gives us a strength for it, and we’re able to get through it.”

Bynum is Filipino through his mother’s side of his family, spends offseasons in the Philippines and runs a foundation supporting charitable efforts in the country.

“I think the interceptions led me to a platform to speak on it — something we have been going through for a while,” the 25-year-old, who is now in his third NFL season, said.

Bynum says his wife has never been to the United States but he hopes a spousal visa will allow her to join him during the football season.

“I’m grateful for everyone who has reached out to help us in our situation,” he added.

Long time-immigration attorney Michael Davis says the type of visa Bynum and his wife are after, allowing her to say longer, can take time to process.

“Most places in Asia, it can be a challenge to getting a tourist visa — even on a good day,” he said.

“We tell clients a spousal visa through the embassy generally is taking a year and a half to two years —unless there’s a way to get it expedited,” he added.

Bynum thanked Minnesota Senator Tina Smith for her assistance.

“Cam reached out to our office several months ago,” Smith said. “We do everything we can to help resolve that issue, at least get his questions answered, and this is what we do for every Minnesotan.”

Vikings Safety Cam Bynum on visa approval for his wife

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