Vikings safety Camryn Bynum makes public appeal for help to get his wife a visa

Vikings safety Cam Bynum uses spotlight to plead for help with wife’s visa application

Vikings safety Cam Bynum uses spotlight to plead for help with wife's visa application

It was an emotional night for Vikings safety Camryn Bynum.

During a post-game locker room meeting, head coach Kevin O’Connell gave him a game ball and a hug after the team’s Monday night win against the San Francisco 49ers.

With a Philippines flag around his shoulder, Bynum was grinning from ear to ear.

“It’s just amazing to be out here and to get with my team and come up here with a big-time game,” he said during an interview just after the game.

It was a big win for the Vikings and a big game for Bynum — with not one, but two interceptions in the fourth quarter.

“Really making it a movie, that’s the best ending you can imagine,” he told reporters.

One person not in the stands was Bynum’s wife LaLaine — who remains in the Philippines, where the couple were married in March.

Bynum — making a public appeal on national television, asked for help in getting her a visa.

That video, since going viral, was seen by more than four million people on X as of Tuesday night.

“My wife, she’s in the Philippines working on her visa, it’s been denied,” Bynum declared. “If anybody can help with the visa process, I’d greatly appreciate it.”

On social media, Bynum says his wife has twice been denied a tourist visa and that a spousal visa has not been granted.

The NFL Player’s Association responded to Bynum’s post Tuesday but is not saying how it plans to help.

A spokesperson for Senator Amy Klobuchar says her office has been in touch with Bynum’s family and is working to assist them.

Senator Tina Smith’s office says staffers started connecting with Bynum earlier this year and have submitted an expedited visa request on the couple’s behalf. There’s no word on why those visa applications have been denied.