Roughly 150,000 tax rebate checks to be reissued starting this week

Thousands of people will receive their one-time tax rebate checks across Minnesota once again starting this week after the checks they initially received earlier this year went uncashed and have since expired.

According to the Department of Revenue, there will be two batches of checks sent out – the first will be sent this week and the second in early December. The reissued checks will be valid for 60 days from the date they’re issued.

As previously reported by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, the state began issuing the one-time checks in August and finished in October. The checks are mailed in a plain white envelope, and will be from Submittable Holdings in Missoula, Montana. In addition, they will have the signature of Revenue Commissioner Paul Marquart. Images of the envelope and check can be found below.

Officials with the Department of Revenue say they can’t issue a rebate payment while a rebate check is still valid but uncashed.

Any of the payments which go unclaimed will be given to the state’s Department of Commerce’s Unclaimed Property Division.

Nearly 2.1 million people were deemed eligible for the checks, which went off of 2021 income or property tax refund returns. The rebates were provided after a law was passed during this year’s legislative session.

The state says a payment was sent to the bank account or mailing address that was provided on your 2021 income tax or property tax refund return for most of the check recipients. However, if an address, bank account or refund method was updated with the state in July, that new information was used.

If you believe you were eligible for a check but never received one, you should first look at the eligibility requirements listed HERE, and then contact customer service by calling 651-565-6595 or by e-mailing THIS ADDRESS.

Checks are for $260 with an additional $260 for each eligible dependent, up to three – that means the biggest rebate checks will be worth $1,300.

The envelope rebate checks from the state of Minnesota are being sent in.
A sample of the rebate checks from the state of Minnesota.

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