State: Over 90% of rebate checks issued

Minnesotans who are expecting a rebate check and still haven’t gotten theirs should be receiving them very soon.

A spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Revenue told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS on Thursday that more than 92% of the approximately 2.1 million rebate checks being issued have already been sent, with the remaining checks expected to go out soon.

The state had only mailed around 170,000 checks as of last week Wednesday; as of Thursday, that number was up to nearly 800,000, the spokesperson said. All direct deposits have already been completed.

Additionally, the agency acknowledged that mailed rebates are coming in an envelope from a company called Submittable Holdings, Inc., in Missoula, Montana. The spokesperson says the state has worked with Submittable Holdings in the past, including for the 2021 rebate checks and the frontline worker payments.

As for why a third-party vendor was needed in the first place, the spokesperson cited the property tax refund season, saying the department doesn’t have the resources to issue both payments in a timely fashion.

The rebate checks, approved by state lawmakers this spring, are for $260 with an additional $260 for each eligible dependent, up to three. That means the biggest rebate checks max out at $1,300.