State says all rebate checks issued, 90% of property tax returns processed

Millions of Minnesotans should have gotten a payment from the state recently.

As of Monday, the Minnesota Department of Revenue says all of the nearly 2.1 million one-time rebate checks have officially been processed and sent out.

Direct deposit payments have been done for over a month but those that had to be mailed have been going out over the past six weeks.

The state says anyone who believes they were supposed to get a rebate check but never did should review the eligibility requirements online and then contact customer assistance at 651-565-6595 or email

Additionally, a Department of Revenue spokesperson confirmed that the department has processed more than 90% of the property tax refund returns that have been sent in and dispersed more than 783,000 refunds.

Anyone expecting a refund can check the status of their payment online, and anyone who doesn’t receive a refund within 60 days of filing should contact the department at 651-296-3781.