Man facing murder charges for July shooting is charged in another fatal shooting a month prior

A man already facing multiple charges in a fatal shooting in July has additionally been charged with murder stemming from a shooting that took place a month prior.

Calon Markus Hatchett, 20, was charged with two counts of second-degree murder in relation to a shooting that killed a man in June.

According to court documents, on June 25 a man and woman were walking near 21st Street East and Chicago Avenue South in Minneapolis. The two encountered a group of three males walking in the opposite direction when one of them, identified as Hatchett, pulled out a gun and shot the man.

The man who was shot, later identified as 26-year-old Ali Abdula Reed, collapsed immediately and died at the scene. Authorities say the woman then ran away while Hatchett and another man from the group began shooting at her. The woman was able to run away to safety.

Surveillance video confirmed Hatchett fired the shot that killed Reed and at the scene, officers found multiple discharged cartridge casings, including several 10 mm casings.

In a separate incident on July 23, Hatchett shot two women, one fatally, at an apartment building in Minneapolis and was arrested one day later.

During the arrest, police found a 10 mm Glock in his backpack and discovered discharged casings where the women were shot. Forensic analysts later confirmed the casings were fired from the gun found in Hatchett’s backpack.

Hatchett was charged with second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder and first-degree assault in that case.

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Court documents state that the casings found at the shooting in June that killed Reed were also fired from the same gun.

The discovery of the gun led officials to investigate casings found at other crime scenes throughout Minneapolis. On June 23, two days before the shooting that killed Reed, surveillance video showed a shooting on 11th Avenue South where a man with blue shorts got out of a black Dodge Challenger and fired a gun.

The casings left at the scene were determined to have been fired from the same gun found in Hatchett’s backpack. In addition, Hatchett posted pictures on Facebook showing him wearing the same blue shorts seen in the video.

Hatchett was wearing the same blue shorts when he was arrested for the July 23 homicide, according to court records.

During Hatchett’s arrest, officers recovered his phone and found a picture of a 10 mm handgun taken on the morning of Reed’s murder. Police also discovered that one day after Reed’s death, Hatchett was looking at a news story regarding the incident.

Hatchett is currently in custody for multiple pending cases at Hennepin County Jail. The state has requested an arrest warrant be issued for this case so Hatchett can be arraigned and bail and conditions of release can be readdressed.

Hatchett’s next court date for the June shooting is set for Wednesday, while his next appearance for the July shooting is set for March 15.