Man sentenced for impersonating federal agent on TikTok

A 53-year-old Dodge County man has been sentenced to six years in prison for impersonating a federal officer and illegally possessing firearms as a felon.

The U.S. Attorney for Minnesota, Andrew Luger, says that Reyel Devon Simmons ran a TikTok account with over 10,000 followers where Simmons posted videos showing firearms and law enforcement badges and equipment.

Authorities say that “at no time has Simmons ever been employed by the United States Department of Homeland Security. Similarly, Simmons has never been a sworn law enforcement officer with any federal, state, or local agency.”

Court documents state that Simmons regularly carried a backpack with the Department of Homeland Security emblem on it that contained a handgun and fake badge.

Eight firearms were seized from Simmons’ residence, some of which were hidden in a “safe room” only accessible through a hidden doorway in the basement.

Authorities say Simmons also admitted to possessing unregistered firearms silencers, detonating cord, and body armor with law enforcement emblems attached.

Because Simmons was previously convicted as a felon in Colorado, he is prohibited from possessing any guns, ammunition or explosives.

Simmons pleaded guilty to the charges of impersonating a federal officer and possessing firearms as a felon on Jan. 21.