Minneapolis City Council sends 3rd Precinct site plan back to committee

Minneapolis City Council delays 3rd Precinct vote

Minneapolis City Council delays 3rd Precinct vote

The Minneapolis City Council voted to send a proposal for a new Minneapolis Police Department 3rd Precinct location back to the committee during its meeting on Thursday.

Council members cited questions about timing, cost, and investment as the reason for sending the proposal back.

Although the vote was 9-0, four councilors – Elliott Payne, Robin Wonsley, Jeremiah Ellison, and Lisa Goodman – were absent from the meeting.

The proposed spot for the new third precinct is Century Plaza on 12th Street South, which sits just outside of the precinct’s jurisdiction. The Plaza is already set to be home to the First Precinct — which will use two of the building’s five floors. The Third Precinct would claim another one of those floors.

A project officials told councilors each floor will cost about $10 million, including the construction to build out the space.

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According to the proposal, the Third Precinct would exist in Century Plaza for about ten years before moving to a different, permanent space inside the precinct’s jurisdiction.

During the discussion over the Third Precinct location, councilor LaTrisha Vetaw said, “This just feels like a really big decision to make, and really sudden… This really feels like we’re going to be asking the people of Minneapolis to pay now and to pay later for a future project down the road.”

“It just would be a bad look to invest all of this into this precinct knowing we’re going to have to make some future investments,” Vetaw continued.

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Council member Koski made a motion to delay the vote, so the community and council members have more time to consider the proposal. Councilor Linea Palmisano later made a motion to refer the proposal back to the committee as she said the proposal needed more public discussion and the initial decision to pass the committee may have been rushed.