LIST: Law enforcement agencies that are removing SROs vs keeping them in schools

Citing a state law that limits the amount of force a school resource officer (SRO) can use on a student, several police and sheriff’s departments are pulling SROs from schools.

The law in question prohibits any school staff members, including school resource officers, from using a “prone restraint” that would place a student in a face-down position or any sort of hold that “restricts or impairs a pupil’s ability to breathe; restricts or impairs a pupil’s ability to communicate distress; places pressure or weight on a pupil’s head, throat, neck, chest, lungs, sternum, diaphragm, back, or abdomen; or results in straddling a pupil’s torso.”

Law enforcement officials and organizations have raised concerns that the law will keep officers from physically intervening in dangerous situations or otherwise face legal consequences.

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Law enforcement leaders and Minnesota Republicans have continuously called for a special session to change the language of the law.

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More than three dozen DFL state lawmakers have also noted their opposition to a special session to change the law, while Gov. Tim Walz has said he remains open to a special session but signaled his desire to avoid that if possible.

Law enforcement agencies that have removed SROs:

Law enforcement agencies that are have noted they’re keeping SROs in schools:

Schools that didn’t have an SRO program: