Accused teen driver charged for role in shots fired at Ramsey County deputy

A 17-year-old boy accused of driving a vehicle that fled law enforcement officers while a passenger fired shots at a Ramsey County deputy has now been charged.

Prosecutors filed a juvenile petition on Friday against the teen and notified the court that they’ll try to have him certified as an adult.

He’s charged with attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault and drive-by shooting — the same charges filed against the man accused of pulling the trigger — plus an additional count of fleeing police since he was driving the vehicle.

The charges stem from an attempted traffic stop on March 1. According to St. Paul police, officers saw a vehicle driving recklessly and tried to stop it but it fled. A deputy saw the vehicle a short time later and tried to stop it, but during that attempt, a passenger in the vehicle fired at least one gunshot at the deputy.

Fortunately, the deputy wasn’t seriously hurt, and police announced the suspects’ arrests earlier this week.

The charges against the teen come a day after prosecutors charged 20-year-old Trevion Figgs, the accused gunman. Figgs is also facing an attempted murder charge for a shooting last June in which he allegedly fired 27 shots at a group of people, and he was also charged Friday morning with possession of a ghost gun that was found at the time of his arrest. Court documents note that he also has a prior conviction for having a ghost gun.

The teen said he turned himself in because he was being accused of something he didn’t do, although both he and Figgs refused to talk about the shooting, according to court documents.