Loons’ Reynoso addresses late arrival, expectations for season, Messi to MLS

United’s Emmanuel Reynoso first comments on late arrival this season, outlook on rest of year, fellow Argentinian Lionel Messi joining MLS


Minnesota United midfielder Emmanuel Reynoso spoke to the media this week for the first time since his delayed arrival this season. He also discussed all-world player and fellow Argentinian Lionel Messi’s decision to join Major League Soccer.

Click the video box on this page to watch Emmanuel Reynoso’s first chat with the media since re-joining Minnesota United after a months-long delay in reporting for the season

A lack of communication during his absence left staff and teammates confused about his situation, but all sides say Reynoso offered apologies and explanations upon his return that satisfied their concerns.

He was suspended without pay in February until he returned.

Reynoso says a family situation involving his 4-year-old daughter was the reason he remained in Argentina as Minnesota United began preseason preparations in January and eventually opened the new season without him.

He dismissed any concern he may have lingering legal problems stemming from assault charges stemming from an incident in December 2021.

After returning on May 6th and spending a couple weeks working his way back into game shape, Reynoso has appeared as a second-half substitution in the Loons last two games.

He is in line to potentially earn his first start Saturday night in Salt Lake City.

Reynoso was Minnesota United’s leading goalscorer in the 2022 season. His ten goals were also the most among all Major League Soccer midfielders .

He was one of just six MLS players last season to reach double-digits in both goals (10) and assists (11), and he became the only MLS player in history to hit double-digits in goals, assists and yellow cards in a single season.

One of three permitted “designated players” on United’s roster, Reynoso signed a three-year contract extension late last year that runs through a club option in 2026.

His salary just over $2-million this seaso nmakes him Minnesota United’s highest paid player.

Below is a full transcript (with translation) as provided by Minnesota United of Reynoso’s comments

On what it means to be back in Minnesota…
[SPA]: “Bueno, eso es lo que quería, poder regresar. La verdad que muy contento, feliz y
poniéndome bien físicamente para poder ayudar al equipo que es lo que más quiero en este
[ENG]: Well, it’s what I wanted, to be able to return. To be honest, I’m very content, happy and
preparing myself physically to help the team is what I want at this moment.
On the reason for his absence at the start of the season…
[SPA]: “No más que todo, bueno, el problema con mi familia, problema con mi hija. Gracias a
Dios lo pude solucionar y de vuelta estoy acá en Minnesota que es lo que más quería, poder
estar acá. Estoy muy feliz jugando en Minnesota, la verdad que me gusta mucho. Como dije
recién poniéndome físicamente de la mejor manera para poder ayudar al equipo, para sentirme
bien en lo personal. Ojalá que siga por este camino y agradecido a todos mis compañeros, a
todo el cuerpo técnico que siempre estuvo conmigo.”
[ENG]: More than anything, the problem with my family, a problem with my daughter. Thankful
to God that I was able to solve it and be here in Minnesota which is what I wanted most, to be
here. I’m very happy to be playing in Minnesota, truthfully I like it a lot. Like I mentioned
recently, I’m preparing myself physically in the best way possible to help this team and feel well
in the personal aspect. Hopefully, I continue in this journey and I’m thankful for my teammates
and the entire technical staff that was always with me.
On deciding the right time to come back to Minnesota…
[SPA]: “Cuando las cosas fueron mejor en el tema familiar. Cada vez se iba solucionando más las
cosas entonces con el apoyo del club, con el apoyo de mi compañeros, eso lo hizo más posible
para que pueda venir. Agradecido a todos por el apoyo por estar conmigo en cada momento y
eso creo que fue fundamental para poder estar de vuelta aquí en Minnesota.”
[ENG]: When things were better on a personal matter. As more things were being solved, the
support of the club and my teammates made it more possible for me to return. I’m thankful for
all the support they showed me at every moment and that was fundamental to return and be
here in Minnesota.
On if his family is with him in Minnesota…
[SPA]: “No, no están. Pero, gracias a Dios está bien mi hija, está bien mi familia que eso es lo
más importante, que estén bien y que pueda estar aquí en Minnesota contento, feliz.
Obviamente sigo teniendo el apoyo de mi familia. Eso para mí es lo más importante. Así que
feliz y ellos también están muy felices de que yo pueda estar acá y disfrutando acá en
Minnesota que eso es lo que qué quería yo y lo que quería mi familia.”
[ENG]: No, they’re not here. But, thank the Lord that my daughter and my family are well,
which is very important, that they’re doing well and that I can be happy and content in
Minnesota. Obviously, I still have the support from my family. For me that’s really important.
So, I’m happy and they’re also very happy that I can be here enjoying my time in Minnesota,
which is what I wanted and what my family wanted.
On what he’s tried to do to rebuild trust with his teammates…
[SPA]: “La confianza que me dan mis compañeros, la confianza que me da el cuerpo técnico la
verdad que para mí son muy importantes. Los fans que cuando llegué a jugar en el primer
partido de vuelta, me apoyaron de la mejor manera. Estoy muy contento, muy agradecido con
ellos al cuerpo técnico, al profe Kike [Enrique Martinez Ruiz], a Sean [Buckley]. La verdad que
hicieron un trabajo muy bueno para que pueda volver rápidamente. Así que, súper agradecido
a todas esas personas que hicieron posible que pueda volver.”
[ENG]: The trust that my teammates give me, the trust that the technical staff give me are
honestly very important to me. When I played in my first match after my return, the fans
showed their support for me in the best possible way. I’m very happy and grateful for the
technical staff, for our [Director of Strength and Conditioning] Enrique “Kike” Martinez Ruiz, for
our [Head of Sports Science] Sean Buckley. They did a great job so that I was able to return
quickly. So, I am very grateful for everyone who made it possible for me to come back.
On if there was a time he didn’t think or want to be here…
[SPA]: “No, nunca lo pensé solo si quería solucionar el tema familiar que para mí es muy
importante en mi vida. Como dije recién, el club me ayudó mucho, mis compañeros, mi familia
también que es lo que más querían que yo vuelva era mi familia, mis amigos. Eso para mí me
ayudó muchísimo para que pueda volver rápido. Pero no, nunca se me cruzó por la cabeza.
Desde chico que quiero jugar al fútbol, disfruto jugar al fútbol. Qué más lindo es jugar acá en
Minnesota con toda la gente que me apoya, con todos mis compañeros que me apoyan.
Gracias a Dios por volver de vuelta acá que soy muy feliz.
[ENG]: No, I never thought about that, only wanted to solve my personal matter that is very
important in my life. Like I mentioned recently, the club helped me a lot, my teammates, my
family as well who were the ones who wanted me to come back along with my friends. That
helped me a lot to be able to return quickly. But no, that never crossed my mind. Since I was
little, I’ve wanted to play soccer and I enjoy playing soccer. It’s great to play here in Minnesota
with all the people who support me and all my teammates who support me. Thank God that I’m
back here where I’m very happy.
On the reason for a lack of direct communication with him during his absence…
[SPA]: “Porque pensaba que no era el momento para hablar con el club por ahí mi familia es el
que hablaba con el club todo el tiempo. Trataba yo de solucionar las cosas que tenĂ­a
personales, las cosas que tenía familiares. Me enfocaba más en eso y cuando solucione esas
cosas, la verdad que rápidamente empecé a hablar con el club, con Saúl [Rosales], con Manny
[Lagos], con Mark [Watson]. SĂşper agradecido con ellos que siempre estuvieron ahĂ­ pendientes
de mi situación. Como dije recién, súper agradecido al club a todos que pudieron hacer posible
esto para que pueda volver.”
[ENG]: Because I didn’t think it was the right moment to talk with the club, my family was the
one in contact with the club the whole time. I was trying to solve my personal matters, family
matters. I was more focused on that and when I was able to solve those things, I quickly started
to talk with the club, with our [Assistant Team Administrator] Saul Rosales, [Chief Soccer
Officer] Manny Lagos and [Technical Director] Mark Watson. Really thankful to them because
they were always mindful of my situation. Like I mentioned earlier, very grateful for the club
and everyone who made it possible for me to return.
On his training in Argentina before returning to Minnesota…
[SPA]: “No, rápidamente me apoyé a la familia. Empecé cuando me dijeron que iba a volver, la
verdad que me puse contenta y empecé a entrenar solo. Después con mis amigos, jugué al
fútbol también para agarrar un poco más de ritmo, obviamente eso no es lo mismo. Pero
rápidamente en mi cabeza estaba ponerme bien físicamente rápido para poder ayudar a mis
compañeros, que es lo que más quería y anhelaba. El gran trabajo que hizo Kike [Enrique
Martinez Ruiz] y Sean [Buckley] y el profe son las personas que me ayudaron muchĂ­simo para
poder volver rápido. Me estoy sintiendo cada vez mejor ahora. Estos dos partidos que sume
minutos me ayudaron mucho para seguir creciendo en lo futbolĂ­stico y en lo grupal. Esta
semana que es el parate también me hizo bien para seguir trabajando, para seguir poniéndome
bien fĂ­sicamente. Creo que este partido voy a llegar de la mejor manera y estar a disposiciĂłn del
[ENG]: I quickly leaned on my family. When they told me that I was going to come back, I was
very happy and I started to train on my own. I played some soccer with my friends to get some
rhythm, but it’s obviously not the same. But I quickly wrapped my mind about getting fit quickly
to help my teammates. It’s what I wanted and what I longed for. The great work that our
[Director of Strength and Conditioning] Enrique “Kike” Martinez Ruiz, our [Head of Sports
Science] Sean Buckley and coach did. They were the people who helped me a lot so I can come
back quickly. I feel better each time. These last two games where I played some minutes helped
me grow a lot in the soccer aspect and in the team aspect. This international break also helped
me continue to work and get into shape physically. This upcoming match, I’ll be in a better form
and available to the coach.
On his excitement to help the team offensively…
[SPA]: “Tratar de ayudarlos. Los que jugaron en mi posición o que jugaron adelante hicieron un
gran trabajo por ahĂ­ a Totino [Luis Amarilla] o el delantero que estuvo en ese momento por ahĂ­
no tenĂ­an muchas situaciones. Creo que estamos aquĂ­ para ayudar, para tratar de buscar esa
idea, la idea que quiere el técnico. Tratar de ir para adelante, tratar que los delanteros tengan
más opciones de goles. Trabajaré mucho, trabajaré para que el equipo pueda concretar esa
situaciĂłn y que podamos hacer goles y que el grupo siga adelante y que pueda sumar puntos
porque la verdad que si bien faltan muchos partidos pero tenemos que empezar a sumar para
tratar de llegar a lo más alto en la tabla.”
[ENG]: I’m here to help them. The players who played in my position or played up top did a
great job, Luis Amarilla or whoever the striker who was there at the time didn’t have many
options. We are here to help to try to find that idea and the idea that our coach wants. Trying
to go forward, trying to give the forwards more options for goals. I will work hard. I will work so
that the team can succeed offensively and we can score goals. That the team continues to look
forward so that we can earn points because although there are still many games to go, we have
to start winning to try to reach a high spot in the standings.
On the age of his daughter…
[SPA]: “Cuatro. Ella cumple años este año, cinco.”
[ENG]: She’s four. She’ll turn five this year.
On how his teammates have received him and if he has felt like he has something to prove…
[SPA]: “Bueno mis compañeros obviamente saben que no estoy bien lo que hice. Apenas llegué,
rápidamente les pedí disculpas porque uno mismo sabe que no que no estuvo bien a pesar de
que la familia por ahĂ­ no estaba bien, trataba de solucionar el tema de mi hija. Pero
rápidamente, traté de pedirles disculpas al cuerpo técnico y tratar de ponerme bien físicamente
y poder ayudar al equipo. Agradecido a mis compañeros, agradecido porque cuando estaba en
Argentina, ellos me mandaban mensajes, trataban de brindarme mi apoyo. AsĂ­ que nada sĂşper
sĂşper feliz de que tenga un grupo que me apoyĂł mucho y que estuvo en cada momento difĂ­cil
en este proceso. Agradecido y ojalá que le pueda devolver todo lo que hicieron conmigo
durante este tiempo allá dentro de la cancha y pueda ayudarlos.”
[ENG]: Well my teammates obviously know that what I did was not right. As soon as I arrived, I
quickly apologized because we know that it’s not okay, even if the family wasn’t well and I was
trying to solve a personal matter with my daughter. But I tried to apologize to the coaching staff
and try to get physically fit to be able to help the team. Grateful for my teammates because
when I was in Argentina, they sent me messages and they tried to offer me their support. I am
very happy that I have a team that supported me a lot because it was very difficult during this
process. Grateful and hopefully I can repay everything they did for me during this time on the
pitch and I can help them.”
On if his legal issues are a moment in the past…
[SPA]: “No, Gracias a Dios está todo bien. Estoy aquí porque se solucionó todo. Desde hace ya
hace un año, ya hay algo que gracias a Dios, ya se pudo solucionar. Siempre agradecido al club
también que me apoyo, a mi representante, mi agente que hicieron un gran trabajo para que
para que pueda solucionarse ese tema. Gracias a Dios se pudo solucionar.”
[ENG]: “No, thankfully everything is fine. I’m here because everything was solved. For over a
year now that was something that was able to be solved. Always grateful to the club that also
supported me, my agent who did a great job so that we were able to solve that issue. Thank
God it was solved.
On if we will see a new hairstyle soon…
[SPA]: “Ojalá, pienso, pienso, pienso. Porque lo veo a Ryan [Natusch] con el pelo también. Así
que nos vamos a sumar a Ă©l seguramente en estos dĂ­as, si Dios quiere, para meterle algo
[ENG]: Hopefully. I’m thinking about it. Because I see our [Director of Equipment] Ryan Natush
with his hair too. So we are going to most likely join him these next few days, God willing, to
add something new to it.
Any specific color…
[SPA]: “Blanco, me gusta más el blanco, así que vamos a intentar llegar a ese color.”
[ENG]: White, I like white most, so let’s try to get to that color.
On the ovation he got from the crowd at Allianz Field when he returned to the pitch for the
first time…

[SPA]: “Feliz. La verdad que el apoyo que sentí fue muy lindo. Me siento en casa, siento que es
mi casa, siento que el club me ha apoyado muchĂ­simo en cada momento. He dejado el alma, he
dejado la vida para que este club siga creciendo y pueda conseguir cosas importantes. La
verdad que siempre lo tuve en mi mente y en este club voy a tratar de hacer lo mejor posible
para que el club pueda seguir adelante. Agradecido por todos y agradecido porque siempre
apoyan al grupo, siempre van al estadio, siempre gritan y alientan. Eso para nosotros es muy
importante porque jugamos con un hombre más de local así que ojalá sigan apoyando y muy
[ENG]: Happy. The truth is that the support I felt was very nice. I feel at home, this is my home. I
feel that the club has supported me so much in every moment. I have given my soul and my life
so that this club continues to grow and can achieve important things. I always had that in my
mind and I will try to do my best so that the club can move forward. Grateful for everyone
because they always support the team and always go to the stadium to cheer for us. That is
very important for us because we play with one more person when we’re at home, so I hope
they continue to support us. I’m very grateful.
On Lionel Messi joining MLS…
[SPA]: “Agradecido a [Lionel] Messi, a todos los argentinos, a todos los compañeros de Messi y
a toda la selecciĂłn. Agradecido por la Copa del Mundo, muy merecido lo tienen. Se ve un grupo
muy unido y muy fuerte. Argentina estuvo muy, muy feliz de poder conseguir ese logro tan
importante que hace años no lo conseguía. Y bueno que Messi venga a esta liga, la verdad que
muy lindo. Es un privilegio para todos tener algo mejor del mundo aquĂ­ en esta liga. La verdad
que esta liga va a crecer muchísimo más así que ojalá le vaya bien y que pueda ayudar al Inter
Miami, pero cuando nos enfrentemos trataremos de marcarlo para que no se pueda mover
dentro de la cancha. Dos o tres jugadores le vamos a poner bien cerquita para que no haga
[ENG]: Thankful to [Lionel] Messi, to all Argentines, to all of Messi’s teammates and to the
entire national team. Grateful for the World Cup, they were well-deserved. It looked like a very
united and strong group. Argentina was really happy they were able to achieve such an
important goal that they had not achieved for many years. And it’s good that Messi will come to
this league, it’s really nice. It’s a privilege for everyone to have the best in the world here in this
league. This league is going to grow a lot more, so I hope he does well and that he can help
Inter Miami. But when we play against each other, we will try to mark him so that he can’t
move on the pitch. We are going to have two or three players near him so that he doesn’t do
On facing Messi once before…
[SPA]: “Si, si, lo enfrente cuando estaba en Boca [Juniors]. Jugamos en el Camp Nou. Lo
enfrente y fue imposible agarrarlo, imposible. Lo mirabas y ya estaba adentro del arco asĂ­ que
para mi también fue un privilegio poder enfrentarlo y verlo de cerca. Fue fantastico.”
[ENG]: Yes, I faced him when he was at Boca [Juniors]. We played at the Camp Nou. I faced him
and it was impossible to catch him, impossible. You looked at him and he was already inside the
box, so it was also a privilege for me to be able to face him and see him up close. It was
On if he expects to start against Real Salt Lake…
[SPA]: “No, no sé. Esa es decisión del técnico. La verdad que yo como dije recién, me preparé de
la mejor manera este mes, este mes y medio, y este parate también me hizo bien para que me
siga preparando y bueno después es decisión del técnico para ver si juego o no. Voy a estar
preparado y voy a estar listo para cuando me toque, será un tiempo de 30 minutos o todo el
partido, no lo sé. Eso es decisión del técnico, así que voy a estar listo para ayudar al equipo.”
[ENG]: No, I don’t know. That is the coach’s decision. As I mentioned earlier, I prepared myself
in the best way this month or month and a half, and this international break was also good for
me so that I could continue to prepare. It will be the coach’s decision to see if I play or not. I’m
going to be prepared and I’m going to be ready when it’s my turn whether it’s 30 minutes or the
whole game, I don’t know. That is the coach’s decision but I will be ready to help the team.
On what the club needs this second half of the season…
[SPA]: “La verdad es cambiar nuestra actitud de aquí y adelante. De local tenemos que sumar lo
más que podamos porque jugamos con nuestra gente, jugamos de local apoyando nuestra
gente siempre. Ojalá podamos sumar muchos puntos. Pero el equipo se ve bien, está unidos,
está fuerte. Estamos trabajando día tras día para mejorar en cada aspecto que tengamos
mejorar. Ojalá podamos sumar lo más que podamos de puntos para que el equipo siga adelante
y podamos escalar un poco más arriba [en la tabla]. Sabemos que la liga es muy fuerte y muy
difĂ­cil pero nosotros tenemos un gran grupo y confiamos en nuestro grupo. Seguramente nos va
a ir muy bien.”
[ENG]: Honestly, we need to change our attitude from here on out. At home, we have to win as
much as we can because we play with our fans. We’re playing at home with the support of our
fans. So hopefully, we can earn many points. The team looks good, is united and strong. We are
working day after day to improve in every aspect that we have to improve. Hopefully, we can
earn as many points as we can, so that the team can move forward and we can climb a little
higher [in the standings]. We know that the league is very strong and very difficult, but we have
a great team and we trust our group. Surely, it will go very well for us