Warrants reveal more about investigation into Madeline Kingsbury’s disappearance

Warrants issued in the disappearance and suspected murder of Winona mother Madeline Kingsbury have been made public.

A Winona County judge granted dozens of warrants after Kingsbury went missing in late March. Several of those were unsealed on Monday.

Many documents name the father of Kingsbury’s children, Adam Fravel, and accounts associated with him and Kingsbury as the subjects of investigation.

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Some documents also outline concerns Kingsbury had before she disappeared.

One says Kingsbury’s family reported a conversation the young mother had with a friend before she disappeared. She confided that if something ever happened to her, “It was Adam.”

After several large searches involving the public, Kingsbury’s body was discovered in early June.

Fravel was arrested and is now charged with second-degree murder. Officials say more charges are possible.

The warrants unsealed Monday show Fravel’s last text messages to Kingsbury on March 31, the day of her disappearance, which reference him taking Kingsbury’s van to his parent’s home in Mabel, Minnesota, and Kingsbury leaving for a trip while he was gone.

  • 10:29 a.m.: “Got gas in van and stuff ready to go. Gonna leave soon. When do you have to leave?”
  • 10:29 a.m.: “You just gonna stay home?”
  • 1:33 p.m.: “Umm I’m back and my car is still here? You get a ride or something?”

Other texts between Fravel and a friend show him downplaying the situation after the friend’s significant other reported Kingsbury missing.

“I talked to the police. Who or what prompted you guys to go check at the house? I’m so confused, she hasn’t been gone for a day yet so I’m not freaking out but everyone else is,” Fravel wrote the night Kingsbury was last seen.

Data from Fravel’s phone reveals he had turned geolocation off on March 30 and had no advertising ID, an identifier assigned to a device that allows third-party tracking. Investigators also noted that the only place marked as a “significant location” by his phone was his children’s daycare.

Based on these factors, investigators believed “Fravel went to great lengths to conceal the locations that he visited or traveled after March 30, 2023.”