Teen charged in connection to deadly Nudieland shooting last summer

Teen charged in connection to deadly Nudieland shooting last summer

Teen charged in connection to deadly Nudieland shooting last summer

Prosecutors have charged a teenager in connection to a deadly shooting at a punk music show last summer in Minneapolis.

Thirty-five-year-old August Golden was killed in the shooting, which happened at the pop-up Nudieland concert on Aug. 11, 2023, and six others were hurt. A GoFundMe to support the victims of the shooting raised more than $211,000.

A neighbor told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that two teenagers ran into the venue and started shooting but, in the eight months since, Minneapolis police never announced any arrests connected to the shooting. That has now changed.

On Tuesday, Dominic James Burris — now 18 but 17 at the time of the shooting — made his first court appearance in connection to the shooting. He’s facing six assault-related charges and one count of aiding and abetting second-degree murder. Because he was 17 at the time, he’s charged in juvenile court but prosecutors are considering trying to move the case to adult court, noting several aggravating factors in the case. Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty said that’s the typical process the attorney’s office uses in certification decisions.

Prosecutors note that many of the concert’s attendees identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The charging documents note that witnesses reported hearing the teens make “insensitive” comments regarding the sexual orientation of attendees and one witness said she had a “hostile” interaction with the teens.

It adds that witnesses saw the teens flashing guns and, when someone commented on them, one of the teens said, “we’re not going to use the gun or anything but if need-be we will.”

After a witness reported seeing at least one of the teens smoking a cigarette, investigators were able to send several cigarette butts found at the scene for DNA testing and one matched a known DNA profile for one of the teens, charging documents add.

The other teen hasn’t yet been arrested but Moriarty confirmed there is a sealed warrant out for his arrest.

“Gun violence will not be tolerated in our communities,” Moriarty said. “This shooting, at what should have been a joyous event, rocked our LBGTQIA+ community, and increased fear among a community that is too often already under attack. We are committed to holding those who caused this harm accountable, and to offering, as we already have, our office’s resources to those who have been impacted by this senseless violence.”

“The identification of those believed to be responsible for the terrible events of August 11th is the culmination of the careful, steadfast, and meticulous collaboration between MPD investigators, forensic scientists, federal partners, and prosecutors,” Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara added. “The violence inflicted in this mass shooting angers me, and I am moved to compassion for those who were impacted by this terrible murder and attempted murders. I am proud of the dedicated members of the MPD who continue to serve above and beyond for the victims of crime.”