Family of Madeline Kingsbury: ‘We’re relieved that Madeline has been found,’ believe person responsible was arrested

Madeline Kingsbury’s body found, ex-boyfriend arrested

Madeline Kingsbury's body found, ex-boyfriend arrested

Madeline Kingsbury’s family released a statement Thursday, confirming her body has been found and expressing confidence that the person responsible for her death is in custody.

Law enforcement later confirmed the news.

“We’re relieved that Madeline has been found after months of intensive searching and grateful for the extraordinary efforts by law enforcement, other first responders and volunteers. We’re certain that the correct person has been arrested, will be appropriately charged, and convicted of his crimes. Things are moving in the right direction there and we look forward to getting justice for Madeline. For right now we will mourn as a family and properly and respectfully lay her to rest.”

David Kingsbury, father of Madeline Kingsbury

The statement comes a day after the father of Madeline Kingsbury’s children was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder and authorities confirmed that a body was found in Fillmore County.

Adam Taylor Fravel, 29, was arrested without incident at a home in Mabel at around 5:20 p.m. Wednesday on suspicion of second-degree murder, according to police and jail records. Formal charges have not been filed.

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Adam Fravel (Courtesy of Winona County Sheriff’s Office)

According to the Winona Police Department, Kingsbury’s body was found in some brush off of Highway 43, north of Mabel, “using information generated during the Madeline Kingsbury investigation.”

Winona Police Chief Tom Williams said the land where her body was found had been searched before but her body was concealed and wasn’t visible.

He added that the land was not owned by Fravel’s family or any relatives, and an autopsy confirmed the body was Kingsbury.

“To say the least, the last 69 days have been frustrating, full of heartache and pain for the family, law enforcement and the community, but during this time, the family never gave up, law enforcement never gave up, the community never gave up,” Williams said.

Kingsbury’s sister, Megan Kingsbury, posted a video to social media regarding the development.

“The whirlwind is just starting all over again… this is definitely a silver lining. We’re glad that he’s in custody, he’s not walking around as a free man anymore. So, more to come,” said Megan Kingsbury in the video. You can watch the full video below.

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Kingsbury disappeared on March 31 after dropping her kids off at day care. The Winona mother was 26 at the time.

In April, Fravel released a statement through his attorney proclaiming his innocence.

“I did not have anything to do with Maddi’s disappearance,” he said. “I want the mother of my 5-year-old and 2-year-old to be found and brought home safely. I want that more than anything.”

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has reached out to Fravel’s attorney for comment.

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Body found in Madeline Kingsbury search, ex-boyfriend arrested on probable cause murder

Suspected body of Madeline Kingsbury found, ex-boyfriend arrested on probable cause murder