Showtime documentary highlights North High School, Deshaun Hill

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A Showtime documentary that highlights the North High School Football team and remembers the life of their star quarterback will be released to the public on Friday.

15-year-old Deshaun Hill Jr. was shot and killed in February when he was on his way to the bus stop.

Talina Hill, Deshaun’s sister, explained the documentary brings the family comfort.

“I cried the whole time. When it first came on, I started crying,” Talina said.

Talina got to see her little brother, Deshaun, for the first time in almost a year as a star athlete on the big screen, just like she remembered him.

“It’s just so hard to hear his voice and to see his smile,” she said. 

His smile shined bright in the Showtime documentary “Boys in Blue.”

The high school sophomore was the Northside’s rising star and a quarterback destined for greatness.

The four-part series highlights members of the North High School Polars football team, including Deshaun, as they navigate the ups and downs in their community ranging from the aftermath of George Floyd to crime in their neighborhood.

In the documentary, Tuesday, Deshaun’s mother, spoke about her fear of her son being caught in the midst of gun violence.

In February 2022, her worst nightmare came true.

Deshaun was walking to the bus stop after school when he was shot and killed.

It happened while the documentary was being filmed.

“It’s been hard, but I wake up every day hoping for something better,” Talina said.

Talina explained she hopes people get to know her brother in the documentary and the lives that he touched.

“What kind of person he was, because they kind of thing they probably thought ‘Oh, he’s a thug. He went to North High school’ because you know the stereotypes. He wasn’t like that at all. He was a great kid,” Talina said. “I really hope that we can get some justice.”

Tuesday, Deshaun’s mom, told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS she’s happy that people get to meet her son through this documentary, but it brings her sadness the world won’t be able to see who he could have become.

The trial for the shooting death of Deshaun Hill Jr. is set to begin in less than two weeks.