Senate approves conversion therapy ban, reproductive freedom, trans refuge bills

MN Senate takes up LGBTQ and reproductive rights bills

MN Senate takes up LGBTQ and reproductive rights bills

The Minnesota Senate approved multiple bills Friday afternoon, sending them to Governor Walz.

The first bill headed to Walz’ desk would ban conversion therapy.

The Minnesota Senate also approved a bill that would make Minnesota a trans refuge state.

The Senate approved a third bill that would make the state a safe haven for those seeking reproductive health care.

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All three bills have drawn strong support from DFL lawmakers and advocates while generating fierce opposition from others.

The House and Senate passed all three bills, so they will now get sent to Gov. Tim Walz for his signature.

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Supporters of a statewide ban say conversion therapy involves many harmful practices that often cause anxiety and depression and can lead to suicide, while opponents of a ban dispute those points. Several cities in Minnesota have already banned the practice but the bill would create a statewide ban.

The reproductive health care bill Friday would prevent any legal or professional action against healthcare workers who help anyone get an abortion or other reproductive health care. Republican critics have called the proposal an overreach of the state’s authority, while supporters say it’s more necessary than ever as more states heavily restrict abortions.

The third bill seeks to protect transgender people, their families and healthcare providers from legal repercussions if they travel to Minnesota to get gender-affirming care. Opponents have said it would put children at risk.

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