Rule to nix written driving tests for new residents expected to save time, clear appointment slots

Driver’s license written test waived

Driver's license written test waived

New Minnesota residents are looking forward to the Department of Public Safety’s new law to waive driver’s license written tests for out-of-state drivers.

“Transitioning to a new state is a complicated process that I’m not looking forward to. So I’m kind of, like, avoiding it,” said Jarris Suggs, a new Minnesota resident.

But now taking a written test is one thing Suggs won’t have to worry about.

This summer, there’s a new law going into effect that aims to take the pressure off drivers and the Department of Public Safety.

Starting Aug. 1, people moving to Minnesota who already have an out-of-state license will no longer have to take a written knowledge test.

With the change, officials said it should take less than a month to get an in-state license.

Suggs said the new law means spending less time at Driver and Vehicle Services and more time enjoying his new home.

“I think it’s going to save me time, so I’m excited about it,” he said.

Some residents who moved to Minnesota years ago explained taking the test was not on the top of their to-do list.

“It was not the most fun thing. I would say it was pretty inconvenient,” said Jen Novak, a current resident. “I actually had to study. Minnesota driving rules were different from New York.”

DVS data shows in the last year, the department issued over 130,000 out-of-state licenses.

Officials said the change will help ease the burden of the high demand for written knowledge tests across the state.

“I think it’s good. If you’ve been driving for a certain amount of time, I think we should be able to trust people that hey, they’re licensed in another state, they can handle it in Minnesota,” Novak said.

Even though people moving to Minnesota will no longer have to take the written test, state officials said drivers are still expected to know the driving laws in the manual.