Residents dissatisfied with Uptown apartment complex’s response to weekend shooting

Safety concerns at Uptown apartment buildings

Safety concerns at Uptown apartment buildings

Some residents are packing up and moving out of a Minneapolis apartment complex after a weekend shooting left two people hurt

The incident happened Saturday night just outside the Elan Uptown Luxury Apartments.

Tenants explained to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS they’re frustrated with the Greystar apartment company’s response to the recent violence, and some are even planning to break their lease and leave the complex.  

Some residents 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS spoke to asked not to show their faces or give out their names for safety concerns. 

“I, like any other human being on the planet Earth, don’t want to die while sitting in my kitchen,” one Elan Uptown tenant said.

But this past weekend in Uptown, this resident said he came too close to that reality.

“It makes me feel, of course, upset but also a little scared,” he said.

On Saturday night, gunshots erupted outside the apartments off Emerson Avenue South and West 29th Street.

One of those bullets came flying toward his unit, piercing his balcony railing and shattering the patio door while he was feet away.

“Our building not only did not fix the problem, they actually never even contacted us or spoke to us in any way,” he said.

The resident explained the complex manager finally got back to him Tuesday night after he called numerous times and sent several emails. 

He said he was forced to do his own repair and put up a large board to replace the window.

But that was the final straw. Now, he’s packing up and leaving.

“It feels like the only logical solution at this point,” he said.

The apartment complex sent out an email to residents on Tuesday afternoon acknowledging there was a shooting.

In the email, the company apologized for the delay in sending the notice explaining it was because they were trying to get details from police.  

Another tenant, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained she decided not to re-sign her lease and she’s moving out because of the shooting.

“They should do more. We pay a lot for our apartments, and safety should be number one,” a woman who lives in Elan Uptown said. “It’s just been crazy. Nothing is being done to help us.” 

“I wish I would have gotten more information. I feel like I’m in the dark,” said Noah Pearson, another Elan Uptown resident. 

Pearson said he moved to the complex in March for the walkability of the area but not for the crime.

“I love the area. It definitely has its problems, but the pros outweigh the cons for me,” Pearson said.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS reached out to the Greystar apartment company for an on-camera interview regarding residents’ concerns. 

They responded with this statement:

“The police were called several times in relation to the party at the pool over the weekend and responded as soon as they were available. However, we are fully cooperating and have confidence in the officers investigating the incident. Our residents are our top priority, and we understand the concerns regarding the incident and we will continue to address those concerns.”

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