Minneapolis residents on edge after a shooting left two people injured in Uptown Saturday night

Neighbors on edge after 2 hurt in Uptown shooting

Neighbors on edge after 2 hurt in Uptown shooting

In an Uptown neighborhood, residents were forced to take cover Saturday night.

Neighbors explained they’re doing their best to enjoy the holiday weekend following the shooting. 

“I was in my apartment just sitting on my couch. I heard I don’t even know how many gunshots back to back,” Clare Mlacknik, Uptown resident, said.

Minneapolis police said a shooting happened just after 10:30 p.m. Saturday near the 2800 block of Emerson Ave. S outside of an apartment complex.

“I got behind my couch and grabbed my dog and ducked down,” Mlacknik said. “It’s not good. I shouldn’t have to do that in my home.”

Two men were hurt during the shooting. MPD said a man was hit by shrapnel, and another victim had several gunshot wounds. They’re both expected to survive.  

Residents woke up to nearby apartments and vehicles riddled with bullets.

“I’ll say it feels a little unsafe. I’ll say that,” said Samuel Martin, an Uptown resident.

Martin walks his dog, Honey, around the area throughout the day, but now he’s second-guessing coming out at night.

“I don’t walk around. Certain times I just come in my house, walk my dog and get back in the house,” Martin said.

Neighbors explained feeling safe in their own homes should not be a big ask.

“If it was a few blocks that way, it could have been me. That doesn’t feel good,” Uptown resident Carolyn Blake said. “I don’t have the solution, but I do hope for the best. It is a great neighborhood.”

Minneapolis Police is still investigating the shooting. No arrests have been made at this time.  

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story said the shooting happened at the 800 block of Emerson Avenue. It has since been corrected.