Rep. Craig discusses USPS audit, upcoming election season

Rep. Craig discusses USPS audit, upcoming election season

Rep. Craig discusses USPS audit, upcoming election season

In the last year, Congresswoman Angie Craig’s office was flooded with complaints about the U.S. Postal Service in her district.

“In Eagan, for example, we’d get reports of no mail for three days. No mail for five days. No mail for eight days. Lost packages,” Craig said.

She finally got a report from the Postal Inspector General that found significant management problems in places like Eagan, Apple Valley and New Brighton. The investigation will soon expand to the rest of the state.

“This is really the first step because I’m pleased to say this investigation was just of Eagan and Apple Valley as well as the Eagan distribution center but as a result of it, the OIG is going to investigate the entire state of Minnesota now to see what’s going on with our postal service,” Craig said.

As she turns her attention to the election year, Craig has a proposal to eliminate federal taxes on Social Security.

“I consider this double taxation,” Craig said. “I know there’s been a lot of dynamics back and forth in the State of Minnesota. That’s why I introduced this legislation because it’s going to put more money in the hands of our seniors.”

While she doesn’t yet know who her Republican opponent will be, she knows it likely won’t be Tyler Kistner, whom she faced in the last two elections. The 2nd Congressional District is the most competitive in the state.

She said that immigration will be a vulnerable issue for Democrats and President Joe Biden.

“We need to be a land of immigrants, but people who come across the border not in a legal way shouldn’t be in America,” she said.

You can watch Tom Hauser’s full interview with Craig on “At Issue,” which runs Sunday at 10 a.m.