USPS audit finds deficiencies at St. Paul processing and distribution center, 3 metro delivery units

USPS audit finds deficiencies at St. Paul processing and distribution center, 3 metro delivery units

USPS audit finds deficiencies at St. Paul processing and distribution center, 3 metro delivery units

An audit during the week of November 13 of the United States Postal Service (USPS) St. Paul Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) and three metro delivery units found problems in several areas, according to the USPS Inspector General.

The three delivery units, all serviced by the St. Paul P&DC, included the Apple Valley branch, the Eagan branch and the New Brighton Carrier Annex.

Minnesota lawmakers, including Rep. Angie Craig and Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, had been pushing for answers from the Postmaster General and asking for an audit of USPS service in the area, especially the south metro, after hearing from many constituents citing delayed and missing mail.

The audit identified issues with delayed mail, package scanning, arrow keys, carrier compliment and timekeeping and property conditions at all three delivery branches.

Specifically, the audit found 53,129 pieces of delayed mail at the Eagan branch and 28,917 delayed pieces at the Apple Valley branch.

The audit of the P&DC found issues with late, canceled and extra outbound trips, delayed mail and the registry cage. The audit also identified a deficiency in safety and security.

No major issues were found in clearance times and scan compliance.

The Inspector General’s Office issued individual reports for each of the delivery units, Eagan, Apple Valley and the New Brighton Carrier Annex, as well as the St. Paul P&DC. It will also issue another report summarizing the results with recommendations to address the issues.

U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District Angie Craig, who has spoken out about late mail delivery in the south metro, reacted to the report Wednesday.

Senator Smith released this statement:

“The Postal Service Inspector General’s audit reports on St. Paul and south Metro mail service are alarming and confirm what we’ve been hearing from constituents. Delayed mail and failures to report it, package delivery issues, and systemic understaffing are just the beginning. Minnesotans have been raising the alarm that mail service isn’t as reliable as it needs to be, but the Postal Service continues to act like everything is working as it should.  This report confirms the reports of hundreds of Minnesotans that there are deep and systemic issues in the state. In December, I asked the Inspector General to expand the scope of their investigations in Minnesota so we can get to the bottom of these issues, and I am grateful that they will do so in the coming months.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar released this statement:

“Minnesotans rely on the Postal Service to receive their paychecks, prescriptions, and more, but I have gotten reports about delays and issues with mail delivery across the state,” said Klobuchar. “The findings of this audit are deeply concerning, but not surprising, and I am glad the Inspector General is now expanding its investigation to the whole state as I requested. We need answers so we can find solutions that work.”

The full report can be found here.