Police: Person confessed to dumping dead dogs on Grey Cloud Island, investigation ongoing

Authorities say a person has confessed to dumping several dead dogs that were found Sunday afternoon in Cottage Grove.

In an update Wednesday, Cottage Grove police said officers and the Animal Humane Society executed a search warrant at a home in the city Tuesday night and got a confession from an individual involved. However, police say they don’t believe the person who dumped the dogs was the one who killed them.

Additionally, police believe the dogs — which were smaller breeds, including at least one Schnauzer, and ranged from puppies to adults — died in another city. Necropsy results are still pending.

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Police and the Humane Society are still working with other authorities on the investigation. However, no other details are being released at this time.

“This case has generated a lot of community and media attention which is why we are providing this information. The case is still actively being investigated to determine who was responsible for the dogs at the time of their death and what caused their death,” Cottage Grove Community Engagement Officer Dan Schoen said. “There is no additional information at this time.”

Cottage Grove police also acknowledged the Animal Humane Society’s role in the investigation, calling the nonprofit “integral in the success of this investigation.”

Residents can find more information or consider a donation to the nonprofit online. Police also urged anyone overwhelmed by trying to care for too many animals at one time to contact groups like the Humane Society to help rehome them.