Oh Deer! What to know about legislative changes with white-tailed deer hunting

With legislative changes signed into law this past May, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is giving a heads-up to the changes they made.

Only two changes were made this past legislative session relating to white-tailed deer. First was the change to the carcass import ban, which now allows hunters to bring whole cervid heads into the state only if they are brought to a licensed taxidermist within 48 hours of entering the state. A cervid includes deer, elk and moose. Taxidermists will be required to use a lined landfill for biological waste, which will help reduce the risk of spreading wildlife diseases.

The second clarifies that the blaze orange requirements for ground blinds on public lands only apply to deer hunters, not turkey, waterfowl or bear hunters.

The changes are in the Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources supplemental budget and policy bill, which was signed into law on May 21. No changes were made for the shotgun zone, so in the upcoming deer season, hunters will have the same regulations as last season.