New Minneapolis 3rd Precinct could open by March of next year

Timeline for new 3rd Precinct

Timeline for new 3rd Precinct

Minneapolis community safety officials say they plan to open the city’s new 3rd Precinct and community safety center in March of next year.

The City Council approved the new location in November — it will be just down Minnehaha Avenue from the old precinct.

Community Safety Commissioner Todd Barnette and Design and Implementation Director Amanda Harrington confirmed they plan to open the police portion of the building at the same time as the community services portion.

What remains unclear is what those services beyond policing will look like or how much money the city is pitching in.

“Some of these won’t be new initiatives,” Harrington said. “They’ll just be asking people that we’ve already partnered with to be housed in a different location.”

The lack of specifics didn’t sit well with Council Member Robin Wonsley during a City Council committee hours later.

“What I’m hearing so far is there are lots of staff meetings, or subgroups have been comprised to make a plan, but there’s still not a plan,” she said.

In contrast, Council Member Michael Rainville voiced his support.

“You’re so smart to take your time and do this the right way, the first time,” he said.

Harrington said she is already poring over existing community feedback.

“A lot of times we have said, ‘This is what the community wants, right?’ And that has not worked very well,” Barnette added. “And we want to be mindful of saying, ‘What is it that you want in this space?'”

Harrington says there will ideally be at least some integrated space between police and community spaces.