Minneapolis Public Schools board to vote on controversial Comprehensive District Design plan on Tuesday

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The Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education had a controversial vote with a growing amount of dissent among some of the teachers in the classroom. 

Greta Callahan was one of the teachers upset with topic of discussion by the board. 

The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers petitioned to ask that the Comprehensive District Design vote be put on hold.

"We're really concerned about our kids, period. We don't see anything in this plan that's actually going to bring more equity or close any sort of opportunity gap in our district," Callahan said.

Minneapolis Public Schools releases new Comprehensive District Design plan

The district says its current structure deprives a significant number of students, especially students of color and low-income students, to receive a well-rounded education. 

"We believe we can make a real change for our students and families," Superintendent Ed Graff said in a district video. 

Graff said the CDD will offer more stable community schools and more access to magnet programs.

"We believe communities will have more reasons to invest in their schools and that we will be able to provide the safe and affirming schools families want for their students," he added.

But those against the plan say it will disrupt the lives of thousands of students. 

"We don't just see this as shuffling kids around," Callahan said. "We see this as the potential to dismantle Minneapolis Public Schools."

Callahan said the plan didn't take teacher expertise and opinion into account.

"We need to be focused on helping our kids get through the rest of the school year, to have this plan move forward at a time like this is so offensive and the opposite of inclusion or equity," Callahan said.