Minneapolis encampment near Eat Street cleared following recent homicide

An encampment site in Minneapolis was cleared Friday by city of Minneapolis workers following a homicide and criminal activity at the site this week, city officials said.

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A city spokesperson says that the property owner of the site where the encampment is located, at East 28th Street and Nicollet Avenue, was contacted by the city and a plan to clear the site was implemented Friday.

The spokesperson said that officers told everyone at the site they were trespassing and needed to leave. After all unsheltered people left, the public works employees started clearing the site and putting up temporary fencing.

Making the decision to clear an encampment site is not the first choice, the city says, but happens for specific reasons including when conditions become dangerous.

Notice for clearing the site and assistance to resources in the area are offered to unsheltered people living at encampment sites.

The city’s guidance regarding encampments can be found HERE.