Meet and greet event with Minneapolis community members, police chief nominee to be held Monday night

Minneapolis community members will have a chance to meet their police chief nominee from 4:30-6 p.m. Monday in North Minneapolis as the city attempts to enter a new chapter.

As previously reported, Mayor Jacob Frey nominated Brian O’Hara for the post, which has sat vacant as the state grapples with the aftermath of multiple former police officers charged with murder, ongoing trials in those cases and public safety concerns entwined with the upcoming midterm elections.

The new chief will report to the city’s first ever Commissioner of Community Safety, Cedric Alexander, who was sworn in two months ago.

Members of the City Council will begin to decide if O’Hara is indeed the right person for the job during a public hearing on Wednesday, Oct. 26. The full council will schedule a vote to confirm O’Hara at a later time.

O’Hara served as deputy mayor of police services in Newark, New Jersey. The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to move his nomination forward earlier this month.

People who wish to meet the proposed chief Monday night can head to Capri Theater at 2027 Broadway Avenue.

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