Man accused of impaling cashier with golf club charged with murder

Man accused of impaling cashier with golf club charged with murder

Man accused of impaling cashier with golf club charged with murder

A man accused of bludgeoning and impaling a grocery store cashier with a golf club on Friday is now charged with murder.

Taylor Justin Schulz, 44, is charged with second-degree murder for the death of 66-year-old Robert Skafte.

Police say it happened shortly before 1 p.m. at Oak Grove Grocery in Minneapolis.

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Charging documents filed Monday state that video footage showed Schulz enter the store, grab something from an aisle and then come up to the counter. “Almost immediately after approaching the counter, Defendant walked around the counter and physically attacked the victim, kneeing and punching the victim repeatedly,” the documents state.

According to the complaint, Schulz outweighed Skafte by around 100 pounds and was able to drag Skafte back as he tried getting away. That’s when he grabbed a golf club from behind the counter and started hitting Skafte with it until the club head broke off. He then stabbed Skafte with the broken club shaft.

Court documents add that another customer came into the store, saw Skafte and called 911 about a minute-and-a-half after Schulz left, and someone in the apartment building across the street reported that Schulz had run into the building with apparent blood on his face and clothes at around that time.

Officers went up to his apartment unit and knocked on his door but he refused to come out. After about six hours of negotiation by police, Schulz opened the door and was arrested, the complaint states. Clothes matching what the suspect was seen wearing were also recovered inside, although they appeared to have been washed with soap.

Additionally, the charging documents note that others in the apartment building reported that Schulz had assaulted other residents in the past, however, none appear to have resulted in charges.

According to Minnesota court records, Schulz was civilly committed in 2021 for being “at risk of harm” due to a “major mental illness.”

Schulz’s first court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.