State leaders tout ‘earned sick and safe time’ law that will take effect next month

State leaders tout ‘earned sick and safe time’ law that will take effect next month

State leaders tout ‘earned sick and safe time’ law that will take effect next month

Sick-time policies are set to change for workers in Minnesota, and it doesn’t matter if those workers are part-time or full-time.

Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan was joined on Monday afternoon by those who authored the legislation along with Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Commissioner Nicole Blissenbach, worker advocates and a small business owner.

The new law set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2024, means those working in Minnesota will be able to earn one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, adding up to 48 hours a year. Employers can offer more, with the bill saying that workers can accrue up to 80 hours of earned sick time. The new law also means employers cannot force their employees to find a replacement for their shift, and employers can’t retaliate in any way.

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The paid time can also be used to care for a sick family member or to seek assistance if an employee or their family member has experienced domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking.

The provision doesn’t apply to independent contractors or people who work the majority of their hours outside of Minnesota.

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Some GOP lawmakers opposed the law before it was passed, saying the earned sick time mandate could hurt job creation. They also said it was too much of a “one size fits all” approach.

“The large corporations may, may be able to absorb the cost and compliance burden. They might already have the extra HR department, those things that are needed to make this type of a bill work,” said House Minority Leader Kisa Demuth (R-Cold Spring.) “But our smaller businesses could end up losing 25-50% of their already thin margins just to comply with this.”

Other Republican lawmakers said the earned sick time mandate will create a burden for employers and criticized “giveaways to nonprofits and partner organizations.”

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