Insurance company sues Minneapolis over damages in George Floyd riots

Insurance company sues Minneapolis over damages in George Floyd riots

Insurance company sues Minneapolis over damages in George Floyd riots

A new lawsuit is claiming the city of Minneapolis should have been better prepared for the riots after George Floyd’s murder.

The lack of action led to millions in damages, income losses, demolition and debris removal. 

Dan Campo, owner of South Lyndale Liquors, is still reeling from the fallout of the George Floyd riots that happened more than three years ago. 

The liquor store owner says their former location was looted, boarded up and shut down for a couple of days. Campo partly blames city leaders. 

“By having a faster response, they would have prevented a lot of the hardship to small businesses and families in the city,” said Campo. 

Illinois Casualty, an insurance company, paid out more than $9,600 to South Lyndale Liquors, according to the lawsuit. Meanwhile, the biggest chunk of $3.8 million was paid out to ADENAL Investment, LLC. The second largest claim was to Hexagon Bar with $850,000 in damages. 

Last week, Illinois Casualty filed a lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis claiming that the city should be liable for the damages paid by the company. The lawsuit relies on a report by an outside firm hired by the city to review its response to the civil unrest.

The suit claims the city failed to follow its Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and other policies and procedures which “resulted in rioters, looters and vandals roaming unimpeded through the City.” 

The lawsuit also says the city is liable for the actions of its police officers who were convicted of killing Floyd. 

While Campo has relocated to a new location, just two blocks from his former brick and mortar, he had to use thousands of dollars to boost security including installing security shutters in hopes civil unrest never happens again.

“I had to completely change my architectural designs,” he said. “We’re still not back to normal. As small businesses, we do feel a little bit held hostage to the increased crime.” 

A spokesperson for the city says they’ve received the complaint and are reviewing their options.