Heat advisory in effect through Thursday

TEAM COVERAGE: Impacts of rising temperatures

TEAM COVERAGE: Impacts of rising temperatures

The two hottest days of the summer so far will be Wednesday and Thursday, and a heat advisory has been issued for much of the region.

Actual temperatures are expected to approach 100 degrees both days, with heat index values possibly in triple digits.

Heat that high can be dangerous for people and animals, meaning it’s important to:

  • Stay hydrated — drink water before you get thirsty.
  • Limit outdoor activity when possible.
  • Check in on loved ones and those more at risk of heat stroke or dehydration, like the young and elderly.

“They just have a harder time regulating their heat because of their decreased body surface area so they need extra shade, extra cooling,” Dr. Joey Duren, Allina Health’s chief medical director, said of children.

Duren added that if adults are feeling overheated, kids are feeling those effects even sooner.

It’s also important to monitor pets during such heat.

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