Frey, work group outline recommendations for new city power structure

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Friday, Minneapolis city leaders talked about a new power structure inside City Hall.

In November, voters approved the new “strong mayor” form of government, which gives the mayor authority over city departments. Previously, the mayor shared that authority with the city council.

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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and the Government Structure Work Group outlined their recommendations for a new Executive Mayor-Legislative Council form of government. Government Structure Work Group co-chairs Kathleen O’Brien and JJ Haywood joined Frey.

The group gave two options for Frey to consider with the new organizational structure:

  • Create a new city operations officer that would manage operations across all city departments and report to the mayor, or,
  • Have multiple people — including the chief of staff, city operating officer and selected departments — all report to the mayor.

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The group said the goal is to ensure strong and reliable management of all city operations while ensuring the mayor can attend and meet the significant demands of the office.

Frey’s office said he plans to state his preferred option to the council on March 22.

“Minneapolis residents made clear that they expect our government to operate more efficiently and effectively,” Frey said in a statement. “This work group has dedicated time, talent, and resources to developing detailed options that once implemented can meet those expectations. I look forward to reviewing their work and collaborating with City Council and department leadership to achieve a government more responsive to the people of our city.”

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