Fatal stabbing at Edina bus stop “seems so random,” victim’s family says

Edina stabbing suspect in court

Edina stabbing suspect in court

The family of Christian “Chris” Lundegaard, 62, who was stabbed to death at an Edina bus stop on the eve of Thanksgiving, was still in shock and seeking answers on Wednesday as the man accused of his murder appeared in court for the first time.

To his father Bob and stepmother Ingrid Lundegaard, Chris Lundegaard will always be the kind-hearted kid-at-heart, a man who adored his two younger siblings and his nephews, and who called his dad at the same time every Sunday.

“Precisely at 11,” Bob Lundegaard said.

Chris Lundegaard was at least 10 years sober, something his parents said they “were very proud of.”

“I think Chris’s death affected me more than anybody’s because he was just getting back into shape,” Bob Lundegaard continued. “And I’m sure he had many good years left.”

Those years were taken away in an instant when Lundegaard was stabbed on Nov. 22 at an Edina bus stop.

Bail was set at $1 million for Adam Garcia, 32, for the second-degree murder charge.

The Lundegaard family doesn’t believe the two knew each other, calling the encounter “seemingly random.”

“Was it just timing, why? Why Chris?” Ingrid Sundstrom Lundegaard mused.

“No, no motive,” Bob Lundegaard added. “It was bad luck.”

Court records show Garcia had several run-ins with police over the years, including another seemingly random knife attack in 2019.

Garcia was also civilly committed twice, once in 2020 and a second time in 2021, for substance abuse and mental-health-related issues. Court records from the time said, “his impairment poses a substantial likelihood of physical harm to self or others…”

“We do hope that he gets some help and treatment and that he is kept somehow from ever, ever doing anything like this again,” Ingrid Lundegaard said.

The family plans to have a memorial service for Chris Lundegaard around the Christmas holiday. That’s when his nephews are expected to return home from studying abroad.

Garcia is expected back in court on Dec. 29.