Fairgoers seek refuge from the heat amid record-tying temps

Keeping cool at the fair

Keeping cool at the fair

Minnesota State Fair attendees braved the hot weather on Sunday as temperatures hit a record-tying 97 degrees.

On Day 11 of the State Fair, the hottest foods are the coldest.

“We’ve got ice slushies, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and a lot of cool stuff that we typically don’t get every time,” Elisha Bahr, state fair attendee, said.

Fairgoers tried to stay cool as the temps heated up to the upper 90s.

“We brought an umbrella to keep the sun off of us and we are stocking up on ice wherever we can and drinking lots of water,” Bahr said.

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Misting stations were almost as popular as the fair foods.

“I’ve been out here since 1978, and in the old days, it was always very cool at night. The fair was much cooler than it is now,” Joe Andrus, Andy’s Diner manager, said.

The Department of Natural Resources recorded the hottest day at the fair on Sept. 10, 1931, with a high temp of 104 degrees

Forecasters said this weekend’s temps are inching toward that record.

“There’s a lot of people that are slowing down with rags on their heads and walking around with towels on their heads or whatever they can find to keep cool,” Andrus said.

Attendees and vendors agree they’re showing up to the fair — rain, heat or shine.

“It’s a great place to be. Everybody come out and enjoy one more day of the fair,” Andrus said.

It’s going to be another hot day at the fair on Monday.

There are two air-conditioned buildings on the fairgrounds at the North End Event Center and the History Heritage Center at the West End Market.

Attendees can bring a water bottle to fill up for free on the fairgrounds.