KS95 launches fundraiser for MS research after death of longtime host ‘Moon’

KS95 launches fundraiser for MS research after death of longtime host ‘Moon’

KS95 launches fundraiser for MS research after death of longtime host ‘Moon’

The death of a longtime Twin Cities radio personality saddened many Minnesotans on Thursday. Now, many are honoring him by supporting an important cause.

KS95 announced Thursday morning that Larry “Moon” Thompson, who spent 17 years on the station’s “Moon and Staci Show” in the afternoon, died overnight from health complications related to multiple sclerosis.

Later Thursday, the station unveiled a fundraiser in his honor: “Moon’s Miracle Fund to Fight MS.” By midday Friday, more than 300 people had donated to the fund.

Moon was diagnosed with MS in 2005 and used his voice to raise awareness and money to fight the disease for many years.

He was known within Hubbard Broadcasting and to many listeners for his positive, energetic and caring personality.

Moon’s last show on the radio was in 2019, after hosting KS95’s Moon and Staci Show on afternoons for 17 years.

“I have had this incredible life and if I had to do it all over again I would do it exactly the same way with the exception of the chronic illness,” Moon said back in 2019.

MS is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system.

“It is a disease that takes so much away from people,” said Crisco, Moon’s former co-worker at KS95.

His former colleagues launched the fundraiser to benefit the MS Society of Minnesota in his honor.

“Everybody behind the scenes thought it was a great idea to be able to raise money for our friend,” Crisco said.

Crisco, from KS95’s Crisco, Dez, and Ryan Morning Show, talked about how selfless Moon was with this disease.

“He just wants to raise awareness any chance he can get to be able to help people,” Crisco said.

“It’s a disease that progresses,” said Daphne Mack, Senior Manager of PR/Media with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Mack says your donation can help people living with MS, thanks to advancements in treatment.

“Slow the progression of the disease so they can still work their jobs, still make a living, still take care of their children and their families and so forth until that cure is found,” Mack said.

For years, Moon let us into his life. Even though he’s gone, his humor, positivity, and will to inspire others are having a lasting impact.

KS95 has pictures and ways for anyone interested in donating to his beloved causes online.