DFL bans Ward 10 candidate from seeking party’s endorsement after convention brawl, enacts new rules to prevent further violence

DFL bans Ward 10 candidate from seeking party endorsement

DFL bans Ward 10 candidate from seeking party endorsement

Minnesota’s DFL party approved a new set of rules meant to prevent future violence at their events following a brawl at a Ward 10 convention weeks ago.

After ratifying the new rules at a meeting on Tuesday night, former Minneapolis City Council candidate Nasri Warsame is banned from seeking the party’s endorsement, according to a news release from the Minnesota DFL.

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The new qualifications are in response to a chaotic brawl that broke out on May 13 where multiple people were injured.

DFL Chair Ken Martin later said that after learning more about the incident, “It is clear that the conflict was instigated by supporters of City Council candidate Nasri Warsame.”

Warsame responded on social media saying he does not condone violence or the events at the convention, and that his requests to stop the violence went unanswered.

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The first of the newly-approved bylaws officially disqualifies someone from seeking the DFL endorsement if that person — or their supporters — engages in any physical assault, threat or acts of violence while campaigning or being part of a DFL function.

The second bylaw prevents anyone from being appointed or elected to a party position if they engage in, incite or condone any physical assaults, threats or acts of violence during a DFL function.

DFL leaders say the party’s executive committee first approved the rule changes on May 18 before they were officially ratified Tuesday.

DFL Party Chair Ken Martin released the following statement:

“Tonight, the DFL Party’s Central Committee put new tools at our disposal which will help ensure our events remain safe and accessible to all, and allow us to hold anyone engaged in violence accountable. This is a positive step forward for our party and a rebuke to anyone who seeks to bring violence into a political movement like ours, which is guided by compassion and empathy for our fellow Minnesotans.

“Additionally, the DFL Party has taken the unprecedented step of officially banning Nasri Warsame from seeking the DFL Party’s endorsement for any elected office. The behavior that Warsame’s campaign team and supporters engaged in at the Ward 10 endorsing convention was reprehensible, and today the DFL Party held their campaign accountable.”

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS reached out to Narsi Warsome and his campaign but has not yet heard back.