Community steps up to help family after home explosion in Jordan

Community steps up to help family after home explosion in Jordan

Community steps up to help family after home explosion in Jordan

The community of Jordan is stepping up to help a family after a house explosion.

It happened Thursday night in the city of Jordan in the 300 block of First Street East.

All three people who were inside at the time survived, and one had only minor injuries.

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“My immediate thought, ‘Oh my God, is everyone alright?'” said Destiny Simpson, who lives nearby.

Nicky Kendrick heard and felt the impact from her apartment across the street.

“I was in my house talking to my daughter and all of a sudden it felt like nothing I’ve ever heard or felt before,” Kendrick explained.

A couple of dogs and several puppies also made it out alive, although two puppies are still unaccounted for, according to Jordan Police. One neighbor is stepping up to watch one of the dogs.

“My mom is like, ‘Come meet this dog, we’re going to take care of him for a little while,'” Simpson said.

Kendrick tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the family who lives in the house that exploded hasn’t been there for very long.

“That’s a tough one to grasp because, obviously, I have several children, so to think about trying to get them all out in a situation like that is unreal, unfathomable,” Kendrick said.

The Jordan Police Department believes a natural gas leak is to blame for the explosion. Now, those who live in this community are offering whatever they can to help out.

“No hesitation whatsoever, just all hands on deck. That’s what this neighborhood has been the whole time,” Simpson said.

“Especially last night, everyone was offering drinks and food and I think it’ll just be constant until the family gets settled,” Kendrick said.

The fire marshal is going to be at the scene to determine if it was indeed a gas leak that caused the explosion.

Neighbors say the displaced family is staying at a local hotel in the meantime.