Charges: 71-year-old ‘just snapped,’ shot roommate in north Minneapolis

A man is now charged with murder after he allegedly shot his roommate Sunday night in north Minneapolis.

Minneapolis police were called to a report of a shooting in the 3100 block of Dupont Avenue North late Sunday night. There, officers found 57-year-old Willie James Hobbs suffering from four life-threatening gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Court documents state the 911 caller said 71-year-old Charles Raymond Thomas was calling relatives and saying he’d shot his roommate, Hobbs.

The criminal complaint states Thomas told officers at the scene that he was the shooter and that the gun he used was upstairs.

Thomas allegedly called his son after the shooting and said, “Son, I made a mistake. Hurry up now, hurry up now,” the complaint states. When his son arrived, Thomas told him, “Son, I don’t know what happened. I just snapped,” the complaint adds.

A witness told police she’d come home earlier that night when she heard Thomas and Hobbs arguing. However, she said they went their separate ways so she left. After Thomas called her later saying he needed her help, she went back to the home and heard the shooting — three quick shots followed by a pause and a fourth shot, court documents state.

Thomas later claimed that Hobbs was harassing and bullying him and he “snapped,” adding, “Nobody feel worse than I do about this. I didn’t plan this.”

He was arrested at the scene and is charged with second-degree intentional murder.

Thomas’ first court appearance is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. If convicted, he’d face up to 40 years in jail.