Buck Hill prepares to open for the season

Buck Hill prepares to open for the season

Buck Hill prepares to open for the season

Minnesota hasn’t seen much snow yet, but that’s not stopping local ski spots.

With cold temperatures on the way, Burnsville’s Buck Hill is hoping to start making its own snow Thursday and open the slopes soon after.

Though there’s no measurable snow in the forecast, a cold front should knock low temperatures into the teens and 20s for the next several nights, which Nate Birr says is just what Buck Hill needed.

“The snow that we all like to see is that fluffy snow, and typically when you get down into lower temps, more of that moisture is getting made into man-made snow.”

The goal is to open the slopes this weekend if the weather complies. The process of creating man-made snow for skiing involves more than just temperature — the amount of moisture in the air is also a factor.

“Humidity plays a huge role in the quality of snow that you can make,” he said. “We want it to be nice and fluffy to allow us to get a really good base down.”

With Buck Hill’s unique location in a metro area, wind can also be a player on the board.

As the snow gets laid down and skiers return, they’ll notice some changes on the hill, including a new ski lift and more space on the slopes. Visitors can also expect new permanent snow guns at each tower that will produce more snow at a greater quality. There will also be a new spot for ski racing and a new building that overhangs the slope at the top.

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