Bloomington police chief provides details of investigation into woman’s kidnapping

Bloomington police chief provides details of investigation into woman’s kidnapping

Bloomington police chief provides details of investigation into woman’s kidnapping

Three men are in custody, accused of kidnapping a woman at Mall of America earlier this week.

Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges held a press conference Thursday morning and announced the arrests of three men in connection to the case.

On Monday, Hodges said officers were told that a woman was forced into a car from the Metro Transit Mall of America Station.

Court documents state that witnesses told police a woman was taken by her ex-boyfriend, 23-year-old Trevon Depriest Johnson, from the mall. The witnesses added that Johnson and the woman had broken up several weeks before and Johnson was calling her earlier Tuesday, demanding to talk to her. However, the witnesses said the woman told Johnson to leave her alone and that she and her friends were going to the mall.

The criminal complaint states that Johnson found the woman and her friends at the mall, grabbed the woman by the neck and allegedly told her to come with him before he assaults her. The woman’s friends told officers that they heard the woman screaming inside an SUV parked in the ramp and saw Johnson punching her but when they tried to help, he allegedly threatened to shoot them all.

While Johnson was doing that, 23-year-old Antwan Deshun Hopson Jr. was in the front passenger seat of the SUV and 19-year-old Noaah Antowne Dewayne Willams-Patton was driving, according to the complaint. It adds that Williams Patton called the woman’s friends while driving and, during one of the calls, the friends her Johnson say he’d killed the woman and thrown her body off a bridge. However, she was eventually dropped off at a spot in Golden Valley and called for help.

The woman told police that she initially tried to escape while the SUV was still in the mall’s parking ramp but Johnson took out a gun and told her, “If you try to get up and run, I’m going to shoot you in the head,” the complaint states. He then allegedly hit her in the head with the gun twice, continued to threaten and assault her, and said things like, “You thought I was playing with you, I’m going to kidnap you,” she added.

Eventually, the woman told police the SUV stopped and Johnson pushed her out of the vehicle.

Hodges says police were later able to arrest Williams-Patton during a traffic stop. Hopson and Johnson fled when police found them and Johnson tried to carjack a vehicle but officers arrested them both. All three were booked into custody on Tuesday, police said.

Hodges added that Johnson is also a suspect in a drive-by shooting and another shooting in Minneapolis on May 6.

Johnson and Hopson were charged Thursday afternoon with kidnapping, which carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison if convicted. They’re expected to make their first court appearances Friday afternoon.

Williams-Patton hadn’t formally been charged as of late Thursday afternoon, and the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office says charges against him have been deferred pending additional investigation. However, he is also due to appear in court Friday on a prior drug possession case, according to court records.

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