Biden, Trump win Minnesota presidential primaries

Biden, Trump win Minnesota presidential primaries

Biden, Trump win Minnesota presidential primaries

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have won the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries in Minnesota, according to Associated Press projections.

Both candidates were already heavily favored to win their parties’ nominations heading into Super Tuesday, in which 15 states and one territory are holding nominating contests.

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The latest exclusive KSTP/SurveyUSA polling data of over 1,800 statewide registered voters showed 63% of respondents were either certain or probably voting in Tuesday’s Minnesota presidential primary. Some 43% of likely primary voters said they planned to vote in the Republican primary, while 38% planned to vote in the Democratic primary. 18% said they weren’t certain about which primary they will vote in. 

On the Republican ballot, 79% of those responding said they will vote for Trump, 15% for Nikki Haley with 3% supporting another candidate and 4% undecided. While in the Democratic primary, 76% of our respondents said they will vote for Biden, 7% for Dean Phillips, 6% for another candidate and 10% were undecided.

Some DFL voters who showed up to the polls told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS they wanted to send a message to President Biden to call for a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.

Jordyn Robarge of Minneapolis was one of those voters joining the grassroots DFL effort to vote “uncommitted” rather than put their support behind the incumbent.

“Voters aren’t happy with his actions,” Robarge said. “And even though I supported him in 2020, I won’t be doing so any further.”

A party in Minneapolis to support the “uncommitted” vote watched the results trickle in.

“[Biden] has time to change course. He does not have to go into November this way, and we are letting him know as lifelong Dems that he has time,” said Asma Mohammed, who voted “uncommitted” on Tuesday.

With 83.29% of precincts reporting, Trump held 68.2% of the Republican vote, and Nikki Haley trailed in a distant second place with 29.43%. On the Democratic ballot, Biden led with 69.28% of the vote; 19.18% voted “uncommitted”; and in third, Phillips garnered support from just 7.84% of DFL voters in his home state.