Woman sentenced to 16 years for attempted murder in Minneapolis

A woman was sentenced Monday morning for her role in a plot to kill a woman last spring in Minneapolis.

Colleen Purificacion Larson, 25, was ordered to spend more than 16 years (198 months) in prison for the attempted murder of Nicole Lenway last April. Larson pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder last month.

Lenway, a forensic scientist for the Minneapolis Police Department, was on her way to pick up her child when she was shot in the arm and neck near the intersection of Malcolm and University avenues.

Larson and Timothy Amacher, who had the child with Lenway, were later charged with plotting to kill Lenway.

While Amacher was inside the center with the child when the shooting happened, court documents note that investigators learned Amacher bought a truck, then switched vehicles with Larson, who was seen on surveillance video running up to Lenway while holding a gun.

Amacher was sentenced earlier this year to 18 years in prison for his role in the plot.