Woman pleads guilty to burglarizing mosque

A woman caught on security camera footage breaking into a St. Cloud mosque in September last year pleaded guilty to burglarizing a religious establishment.

Victoria Catalina Veliz, 26, from New Hope, admitted to prosecutors that she entered the mosque with Logan Smith, who was recently sentenced to six months in jail for vandalizing the religious space.

The plea agreement, filed on Friday, shows she will likely be sentenced to a maximum of five years of probation with a stayed sentence of 60 days in jail as well as a $300 fine.

Her official sentencing date is set for the afternoon of Nov. 14.

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Investigators learned that the two had damaged a door to get into the mosque, then caused more damage inside and ransacked an office before fleeing.

Police say the suspects also left behind a hotel room key at the mosque which led officers to make the arrests.

Court documents state that police then found multiple Qurans and other items from the mosque inside the hotel room.

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